The mission of the Jackson Hole Perinatal Advocacy Project is to provide outreach and support to medical professionals, families and mothers regarding the prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing.

If you feel sad or anxious, you are not alone!

Eight out of ten new moms will experience some difficulty with their mood after giving birth. Approximately two of those eight will go on to develop a Postpartum Mood or Anxiety Disorder.

The three primary areas to pay attention to when looking for signs and symptoms of a Pregnancy or Postpartum Mood Disorder are:
SLEEP – Does mom sleep when baby does? Does she fall asleep right away or is she struggling to get to sleep or unable to stay asleep? Does she wake refreshed or is she still fatigued?

NUTRITION – Is mom eating? How is she eating? A lot, a little, or just right? Is mom eating healthy foods? Has she rapidly gained/lost weight without explanation?

MOOD – Is mom acting like herself? Do thoughts seem out of order? Is it hard for mom to make a decision? Has she been crying for no apparent reason? Does mom seem anxious?


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